How do I know if something is a good source when doing research?


You need to consider:

  • WHY was it published? -- is it trying to sell you something or persuade you?
  • WHO wrote it? -- are they an expert?  how do you know?
  • WHERE did you find it? -- via Google?  in a database?  in a book?
  • WHEN it was written? -- is it out-of-date?  is it recent?  does when it was published matter in terms of your research question?
  • WHAT is the title of the source? -- what information is it conveying? is the information accurate?  can you find other sources that verify the information?
  • HOW was the source published? -- in a well-known journal or on a reputable website?

Most importantly, is it relevant to your research question?

For more information, see this page on evaluating information -- on the HS Research Hub:

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