Q. Can I do quizzes and book reviews in myON?

They don't seem to work all the time!!!


Teachers can turn on and off quizzes and reviews (as well as read aloud features). If these aren't working for you you might have to speak to your teacher and ask them to turn them on for you.

myON wants to make sure that you have really read the book. If you skip through too quickly you may see this message at the end: 

Go back an read some more!

When you have read the whole book you will get to the message that let's you go on to reviews and quizzes.

You don't have to do these. You can just go to EXIT  instead of selecting I HAVE FINISHED THE BOOK.


You can just give the book some stars or you can write a review if you want. Click save your review and then you will be given the opportunity to take a 5 question quiz about the book. Your teacher can read your reviews and see your quiz results so make sure that you do your best work. Teachers might choose to publish your reviews.

When you have answered all 5 questions turn in the quiz.


You will have the opportunity to see how well you did and where you might need to go back and read the book more carefully.


When you click on RETURN you will be able to choose another book to read.

Enjoy myON!


  • Last Updated Apr 15, 2020
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  • Answered By Barbara Reid

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Comments (3)

  1. Why do the tests not read the questions to the students? The questions are often much harder than the books themselves - especially for beginning readers. This should be an option that the teacher can turn on or off for certain students. The young readers using other programs are able to manipulate the quizzes without assistance due to this feature.
    by Tracy on Oct 30, 2020.
  2. How can we see ahead if there is a quiz for a book title? Is there a way to filter them?
    by Kathie on Jan 18, 2021.
  3. Most books in myON have a comprehensive book quiz after the student has completed reading the book. The book quiz is always 5 questions long. Each time the quiz is presented, different questions will be pulled in a different order. If the book has a quiz, the student will be prompted to take it after they are done rating and/or reviewing the book (unless the building settings have book quizzes turned off for some or all grades). In order for the student to be presented with the quiz, they need to click I finished this book! after reading the last page.
    by Barbara Reid on Jan 18, 2021.